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Sam + Jess Biography

Behind The Scenes

A stylistically unique duo, Sam + Jess have been singing and playing in sync almost their entire lives. It was only recently that they were finally able to start performing together in front of friends and family. Sam and Jessie grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois and frequently sang together with the rest of their family at their local church. When Sam graduated high school and decided to pursue her dream of teaching music, she moved to Cape Girardeau while Jess stayed behind to finish high school and go on to write and record music of her own. About ten years later, Jessie moved down to Cape Girardeau and Sam + Jess decided to start making music together again. This is only the beginning of their journey and they cannot wait to see where the road leads them.

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Meet Sam + Jess

pssst...they're sisters

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Sam Gates


This is Sam. She plays ukulele, sings and enjoys writing songs about cats.


Jessie Schupbach

Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

This is Jess. She plays guitar, sings, and writes amazing songs.


Tim Morrison


Best dang drummer south of Canada, north of Mexico, and in between the oceans.

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